JAMS Workshop and Annual Symposium a great success!

A massive thank you to everyone who helped organise and attended the JAMS workshop (TOAST) and the annual symposium and dinner. By all accounts people had fun and even learnt a things or two.


JAMS is certainly full of life and momentum three years after conception and birth and we're looking forward to another great year of interaction and community building. We'll be working on establishing the TOF-SIMS facility and we'll definitely be organising an appearance again at the Australian Museum science festival later in the year. We've also had a cheeky peek into the crystal ball to see what mountains JAMS can climb in the future and we've seen a Eureka Prize application for science communication and a hazy vision for a Centre of Excellence shrouded in mist and microbes. The future is an exciting place. Come along. Bring your brain.


If you missed out on collecting your JAMS T-Shirt or didn't order one but want one, T-shirts will be available at the monthly JAMS meetings. You can pay cash.


To view photos from recent events, visit link https://picasaweb.google.com/118181738457743871796?feat=email. If you have photos to contribute, please email photos.JAMS@gmail.com, and an album share invitation will be sent to you (NB: it must be a gmail account). 


If you enjoyed the dulcit tones of Alice Terry, she's crowd funding studio time record an album. You can pre-order the album to help her out here.


Finally, if you have ideas about how JAMS can improve, get involved. JAMS is built out of the enthusiasm of its members. There's nothing like it on the planet. We're a very lucky bunch of microbiologists.


See you last Wednesday of March. Party of dudes.




The JAMS Organising Committee